Beauty of relaxing the body and soul

Birds chirping, the scent of wood, and total tranquility. Allow ourselves to pamper you at our wellness center nestled amid the trees. You will be a different person.


Just as the sky is reflected in the pond, relaxation in wellness is reflected in the quality of your life. What will improve your day today?


From the heated sauna, where the wood crackles in the stove, to the refreshing natural biotope and back again. Get rid of the unnecessary and gain new energy.

Spa reservation

Nobody here, like in the north, declines an invitation to the sauna. Call +420 721 775 615 and make an appointment to visit the VistaWellness spa with the reception.

The price is 1 850 CZK for 3 hours. Entry is free for members.

Includes a 3-hour entrance to the sauna world for 1 person including a towel and bedding.

Sauna world and jacuzzi

Heat and detoxify your body in the way that suits you best. In the privacy of an inner Finnish sauna, in an unusual sauna on the surface of a lake, or in milder steam.

Outdoor and indoor Finnish sauna: 90 to 100 °C
(outdoor sauna is available only during autumn/winter season)
Steam sauna: 40 to 60 °C
Bio sauna: 60 to 90 °C with humidity between 20 and 40 %

Bathing in a natural biotope

The gushing water, the smell of the forest and the singing of birds. In the steamy summer, the clean water of the biotope offers a refreshing break, and in winter it is the perfect place to harden and cool down after a sauna.

Outdoor sauna with its own rest area

Mirroring the calm waters of a natural biotope, it offers a balance of body and mind.Will you stay in the heat of the glowing stones for a while longer, or is it time to jump into the refreshing water?

Vista massages

Vista massages

Vista massages

Vista club Membership

Vista Club brings the best of Anglo-Saxon club traditions to the tranquility of the local nature. Membership offers you friendly meetings with inspiring people, sports programs tailored to your fitness and goals, and relaxation in absolute comfort.

Become a part of the Vista Members Club.