Euphemia is a place that invites all our senses to an extraordinary experience. It represents a true combination of natural elegance and honest culinary art. It means a good place and a clear thought. Sharing common experiences with quality food is a crucial moment here. It invites its guests on a journey to discover the diversity of European and world cuisine.

J. Ležal


For me, preparing a recipe is like creating music for a composer. I have a clear idea and, together with the selected ingredients, I complete the final work.

P. Černovský


There are many moments in the kitchen that require attention to detail. There is no room for long decision-making, so I will put up with consistent preparation.

The interior of the restaurant represents a sensitive connection of nature with modern life. This created a cozy and stylish environment that literally invites your taste buds to experience something extraordinary. Something that pleasantly excites all your senses. Take a seat at a table overlooking the treetops and enjoy the atmosphere of this extraordinary place.

Nyní nejsou žádné aktuality.


Reserve a table at Euphemia restaurant in time.

+420 603 726 477

Monday-Thursday 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-11 p.m.

on Saturday, May 13, 2023 Euphemia restaurant will be closed from 6:00 p.m.

Nad Hliníkem 1202, Praha 5, 150 00