Modern life in harmony with the peace of nature.

Vista Resort & Club offers you a way to a healthy lifestyle in a soothing natural environment.

Vista Hotel

Wake up in the embrace of nature, while the rays of the morning sun slowly reveal the clean design and coziness of natural materials.

Vista Wellness

Birds chirping, the scent of wood, and total tranquility. Allow ourselves to pamper you at our wellness center nestled amid the trees. You will be a different person.

Vista Gastronomy

The modern European kitchen is always inspiring us. It connects cultures and societies through the passion of sharing a common table. It is our heart's desire. Come and taste it too.

Vista Sport

Step into the beauty of movement in all levels of sports performances, both indoors and under the open sky. With a trainer or with a partner, there are many ways to enjoy this beauty.

Vista Events

A place that stimulates creative thinking and concentration. Organize your thoughts, e-mails and important business meetings with us.


We will enrich your everyday life with extraordinary experiences. We bring peace to the centre of events so that you can gain perspective on life and business and refresh your body, mind and soul.

In the best location

A place where inspiring people meet, the tranquility of nature, the Scandinavian architecture and the Anglo-Saxon club tradition. We have planted a modern way of life among the old trees.

In connection with nature

Every day is different - on the meadow, in the forest and in the garden of our resort. Experience the luxury of refreshing wind in the shade of trees in a hot summer, sleep in the silent rustle of the forest and wake up to the birdsong.

An experience for your senses

The warmth of the noble wood, the refreshing cold of the stone cladding and the clear glass for the sheer joy of the views around. We have created an environment that brings comprehensive experiences for each of your senses.

Paintings of Life

They will accompany you every step of the way. Unique works, as colorful as moments spent in our resort. See the world through the eyes of painter Novotný and follow the lines of thoughtful views from French windows.

Vista club Membership

Vista Club brings the best of Anglo-Saxon club traditions to the tranquility of the local nature. Membership offers you friendly meetings with inspiring people, sports programs tailored to your fitness and goals, and relaxation in absolute comfort.

Become a part of the Vista Members Club.

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With the possibility of everyday situations being experienced in remarkable ways.