Absolute elegance and comfort

Vítejte doma. Luxusní ubytování. Maximální pohodlí a soukromí. V obklopení přírody.

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Absolutely unique in all seasons

The design hotel harmoniously connected with nature offers peace, balance and privacy. It is located on a hill among trees, close to the center of Prague. The interior is focused on a healthy lifestyle, with areas for exercise, relaxation zones and wellness under the treetops.

Where the road ends, the beauty begins

The landscape surrounding the resort is literally magical. Every day you will be greeted by the pleasant singing of birds, flowers of forest plants and fresh air with the woody scent of pine needles. The whole place thus creates a feeling of a cozy and warm home. Here you can also treat yourself to unique gastronomy, which is inspired by modern cuisine from all corners of Europe.

A sense of detail

Vista Superior rooms and apartments with a touch of nature

Hotel apartments and Vista Superior rooms represent a personal intimate space. Various materials and original decorations are tastefully incorporated into their interior. Large windows overlooking the garden tempt you to endless views of the colorful kingdom of plants. Quality sleep is essential for the revitalization of our body, which is why all rooms have comfortable beds on which one can fall asleep like a cloud.

The sun as a symbol of health

Sun, breakfast and wellness in a natural retreat

With a slow inhale and a caress from the morning sun, every day starts better. Meanwhile, from a distance, the sensual aroma of the freshly prepared breakfast entices you to wake up. It will give you new strength and a good mood. The outdoor terrace, which is perfect for sitting with a book and a cup of pleasant-smelling coffee, literally tempts you to relax. Your complete relaxation continues in the natural wellness under the treetops.

The art of relaxation in nature

A fresh breeze invites you to an adventure where you will discover hidden secrets. Visit the natural spa with three main zones for total relaxation: heated relaxation rooms, sauna world and biotope. Surrounded by butterflies and colorful dragonflies on the surface of the water, you will have a peaceful experience.

Rest for body and mind

Wellness package

The unique Vista Wellness is an oasis of calm near the center of Prague, inviting all your senses to relax with perfect privacy. The package includes accommodation for 2 people for 1-2 nights with breakfast, welcome drink, coffee and tea set in the room, branded bath cosmetics, 1 x per day wellness for 3 hours, a bottle of Magu drink, 30 min. massage, afternoon tea, access to fitness and mini golf, and parking in the hotel parking lot. Enjoy your rest, watch the dragonflies above the surface of the biotope.

Price from CZK 9000 per stay depending on the selected room type

A caress for the eyes and the soul

Immerse yourself in the world of elegance and natural charm

Escaping from the noise of the city into nature means starting to live peacefully. Merging with the surrounding landscape, plants and water elevates all our senses. In this way, we form valuable memories of the moments we experience and will want to carefully protect them for the rest of our lives. Here and there some other animal appears in this natural oasis, for which this place is also home. It is this diversity and liveliness that gives this space its true and unique atmosphere.

Nature is our home

Harmony of nature, design and city life

All trips outside our home are something interesting, inspiring and full of experiences. However, at Vista Resort you will discover a charm that will delight and delight all your senses. Breathe fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy perfect service. Whenever you are inside the hotel or walking through the vast garden, you will feel like you are in a real paradise. And yet close to the lively city center.

The variety of modern gastronomy

Restaurant Euphemia is a meeting place where guests can enjoy specialties of world cuisine. Each dish is like an author's musical masterpiece composed of a balanced composition of flavors and enticing aromas.

11 200 CZK /  2 NIGHTS

Absolute relaxation

Escape the everyday life and treat yourself to perfect peace.

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8 500 CZK / NIGHT

A sign of delicious taste

Treat yourself to selected specialties from our chef.

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15 500 CZK / 2 NIGHTS

VistaClub experience

A place where you can rest, relax and recharge your batteries.

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14 200 CZK / 2 NIGHTS

Do it with us!

Start living healthy and vital. Come do it with us.

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In the heart of Prague, at the address Nad Hliníkem 1202/02, a hotel is waiting to be discovered, nestled in the greenery of the Košířský forest park. Come and experience a story of peace and well-being in the shade of trees, just a step away from the vibrant center of the miraculous metropolis. We look forward to you!